Preparing the Immune System for Cold and Flu Season

As winter approaches, cold and flu season is sure to follow. Could there be a correlation between the excessive amounts of sugar that we consume over consecutive holidays and a season of repetitive sickness? Considering sugar weakens the immune system, inhibiting its ability to effectively and efficiently fight of viruses, I would absolutely argue thatContinue reading “Preparing the Immune System for Cold and Flu Season”

Identifying and Fighting Inflammation

Do you find yourself with: • gas or bloating? •fatigue and/or loss of energy? •skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema? •brain fog, depression, or anxiety? •frequent headaches/migraines? •stubborn belly fat? •fluctuating weight? Symptoms such as these, are the bodies way of reacting to inflammation that is often caused by different environmental factors. Inflammation isContinue reading “Identifying and Fighting Inflammation”

The Truth behind Vaccines

The only vaccine I have ever been given is the Vitamin K vaccine that was administered into my little seven pound body soon after I made my appearance to the world. What my mother thought to be an innocent vitamin, would quickly become the reason for the jaundice that overwhelmed my body in the daysContinue reading “The Truth behind Vaccines”

Sex Trafficking: Bringing Awareness to the Growing Pandemic

Aside from bringing knowledge to health and healing, I feel as if it my duty to highlight the growing issue of sex trafficking through this platform. I hope that through reading Sarah Koeppen’s story, you are made aware of the dangers that the evil of this world bestows upon each of us. I hope thatContinue reading “Sex Trafficking: Bringing Awareness to the Growing Pandemic”